My Story


I don't think that anything can prepare you for life altering news


I had no idea of the pain and the dark place that the many parents I had seen over the years had been in, until I arrived there myself. We had child who would tantrum for every little one of life’s daily undulations, a child who lived in fear and who wore us down to beyond the point of exhaustion.

A child with little, disordered, and often non-usable language and who wanted life completely on her terms. A child who came close to taking away our lives and that of her brother, had we been prepared to let it happen.

When we chose not to give up, the very people we thought were there to help seemed to block us at every corner.

The lioness when cornered cannot stand back and watch her cubs smothered. We chose our daughter and to fight for her. There is always hope and my book "Finding the Thread" is the story of how we found the path back. Through the school years and court battles and how, in the madness of it all, we found the thread that would start us on the path back.  The techniques and strategies I used and continue to use became Autism Ideas.

I wanted to make Autism Ideas because I know that there are many people out there who are currently in the black hole where we stayed for a number of years. I want to pass on my knowledge and guidance to them both as a mum and as a specialist Consultant Speech and Language Therapist in autism and complex needs.

In doing so, I hope to provide a thread to hang on to, a thread which over time can be woven with other threads until ultimately they have a rope with which they can find their way back.

Autism Ideas is an easy-to-follow service that anyone can use to unlock their potential and start to get the best quality of life possible for all involved.


It's About Making A Difference And Not Giving Up.  Taking back control and feeling like you are doing something positive to help even if you have tried before and failed.


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